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     I can't believe it too me so long to hire cleaners. I had no idea it could be so cheap and easy to book, but Enfield Cleaners totally changed everything, and now I can relax when I get home instead of cleaning.
Gordon Lovitz19/05/2020
     I love cleaning day now because of you, guys! Everything is done fast and efficiently. The best cleaning service!
Rebecca H.19/09/2019
     Very reliable, efficient and helpful cleaning company. Carpet Cleaners Enfield went out of their way to help me get the service I needed during a very stressful time and I'm very thankful to them for that.
A. Davis13/12/2017
     I was thrilled with my new cleaners who had begun working for me to clean my office and workshop. I hire them from Enfield Cleaning Company three times per week, and they do a wonderful job of keeping the bathroom, kitchen, reception, office and workshop clean and tidy. It is a great service and affordable too.
Trisha W.13/01/2016
     As a catering company for high-end events, we are busy round the clock. Carpet Cleaners Enfield has been very efficient with kitchen cleaning. They make sure to finish the work on time, while keeping in mind our busy schedules. The team splits the work over days and makes sure they keep our workspace clean and smelling good. Thank you for taking into consideration all our requirements. We are very happy to be associated with you.
Gordon S.19/08/2015
     I used to do all my own house cleaning but then I had another child to add to my brood of 3! I no longer had the time or the energy to do it myself and so I called Enfield Cleaning Company. It's quite unbelievable the difference it has made to my life! Now I don't have to summon up the energy to do it myself when I would rather be vegged out on the sofa! Fantastic cleaners and brilliant prices!
Mary O'Doherty 14/07/2015
     I have had such a good experience when I had EnfieldCarpetCleaning come over to clean my place that I couldn't help but come online immediately and write them a few favourable words. In spite of the huge amount of cleaning chores that they had to do, they didn't complain but worked tirelessly and diligently. I work from home and so need some peace and quiet to get my job done. Their cleaners were kind enough to work silently and caused minimal disturbance while they cleaned. I absolutely loved the care with which they took care of my house and I am looking forward to using their services again!
Mary Houston18/02/2015
     I'm only now discovering just how much easier hiring professional cleaners is able to make my life. I mean, not only do I have more energy and time - that's obvious - but since hiring EnfieldCarpetCleaning, I've not had to deal with the stress of trying to fit in kitchen cleaning or oven cleaning into my schedule. It's made a really big difference. Because of this, I find myself more relaxed and I also have a clean and tidy home in which I can relax. Everything's perfect.
Erica D.07/01/2015
     I am the business owner of a small estate agents and have been using the services of EnfieldCarpetCleaning for approximately six months and I must say, so far so good. I have arranged for cleaning of my offices three times a week and have no complaints. I usually have the same cleaner unless she is on leave or is ill and then a replacement is sent so I never have to worry. All the hovering and dusting is to a high standard and the customer toilets are always fresh and clean. I would definitely recommend this reliable and trustworthy cleaning company.
Simon R.05/11/2014
     Leaving my much loved home to move abroad, it was essential for me to get a professional cleaning company that would do a professional job. I found that in EnfieldCarpetCleaning. Everything was cleaned as it should be and I found the cleaners to be very hard-working and efficient. It was nice to see my home as I was leaving it in such a great condition and want to thank the cleaners for doing such a good job and everyone else at the company. Other friends of mine have had similar good experiences with this company and I can thoroughly recommend them to others.
Colin Mckenna13/08/2014
     I had been ill and hadn't the energy to clean my two bedroom flat. Though it wasn't a big place the cleaning jobs were building up. I called a local company I had noticed in the area and asked for some information and prices. I decided it was worth trying a one off home clean service to see how it went, so booked a date. The cleaners from EnfieldCarpetCleaning were polite and friendly, and did a superb job. The hard working cleaners covered a lot of detail and the place looks so sparkling clean and tidy now. Great work and thanks.
Teri Coriell24/07/2014
     I've never moved house on my own before and I'm naturally a very disorganised person! Although I was almost ready to move, I didn't have the time I needed to give my property a thorough end of tenancy clean and so I shopped around for local cleaning companies who offered such a service. I decided to call EnfieldCarpetCleaning to see what they could do to help and I'm delighted with them! My house looked better than it did when I'd first moved in and my landlord was very impressed. I'll be trying out more of their cleaning services in the future! Thanks!
Caitlyn Huw08/07/2014
     Whenever I returned home from work, being with friends or whatever, I would also sigh because the mess I left there hadn't magically gone. I somehow always hoped that it would disappear by the time I got back but it never did. Not wanting to keep living in false hope I called EnfieldCarpetCleaning. Their staff now visit my apartment regularly to tackle any sort of dust, dirt, clutter and litter. They work when I'm out so now I genuinely get to retune home and fin that it's spotless. I never thought such a thing was possible but I have the proof, a lovely, clean home.
A. Johnson20/06/2014
     Extensive cleaning is what I needed and with EnfieldCarpetCleaning that is exactly what I got. I initially needed an office cleaner to come in regularly to keep our office in shape. Our budget is fairly restricted but it seems that it was more than enough to cover the costs of what we needed done. On the first day 2 ladies arrived, Sharon and Kelly and they immediately got down to their work. After 2 hours they had finished and they asked me to inspect and if I was not satisfied with something they would put it right. That's a very professional approach!
Theresa Hawkins26/05/2014
     I have been using this cleaning company called EnfieldCarpetCleaning for many months now. I have tried many different ones over the years but have never settled with any of the other ones before, not sure why really but I think to be honest it may be down to the fact this company seem to be more efficient, they use less detergents and prefer natural sources instead and believe me that makes a huge difference to the asthma sufferers in our household. I must say though, your cleaning technique is top notch and our home has never looked so good!
     You should look no further if you are looking for commercial or domestic cleaning. I came across EnfieldCarpetCleaning whilst they were actually cleaning in a cinema in town that I was visiting. I started chatting to one of the friendly cleaners and asked them to visit a nursery that I run just down the road. They are very professional and did a great job, so now I've even moved them into my home. It seems domestic cleaning or commercial cleaning comes naturally to these talented cleaners and they deliver on each and every occasion. Definitely the best cleaning service around!
Hannah Tevitt08/04/2014
     After hiring EnfieldCarpetCleaning, I can definitely say that I can't remember when our home has ever bee this clean. We initially hired them for a spot of upholstery cleaning, but after talking through the situation and the costs with their staff, it seemed that the option of a regular cleaning service seemed far cheaper than I had thought it would be. So now we have them around far more often and our house is far, far cleaner than I might have imagined. There's not much more I can say beyond how truly excellent their abilities are, and their prices.
     I wasn't sure about hiring a cleaning company to clean my house, but I realised that with my work schedule and my family obligations it was definitely going to be a smart idea for both my family and I! I called EnfieldCarpetCleaning following a friend's recommendation and I was more than pleased with the job my cleaner did. My house has never looked better than it does after my cleaner leaves, and she makes sure to get into those hard-to-reach places or those areas that it's easy to forget about. I've told all of my friends to give this company a go, and you definitely should too if you want a cleaner that you can rely on!
     As the office manager for a particular branch of a global firm it is imperative that a good standard of cleanliness is maintained in the workplace. It's just good for productivity, and no-one wants to work in a dump. Since hiring EnfieldCarpetCleaning a few years ago they have worked hard every single day to make sure our desks are clean and our bins emptied. They have a member of staff on-site at all times and to be honest I can't fault their work, so I thought I would pop on here and recommend their services to any other business in the area.
     After I got promoted at work I knew I'd need the help of a professional cleaner to give me a hand with keeping my house in shape, but every service I looked in to seemed to be so expensive! I'd read some positive things about EnfieldCarpetCleaning and so I thought I'd give them a try, and I just had to come and write a review about my great experience! The cleaner I had was really thorough and did an amazing job, even getting into those tricky and horrible places that seem to always be dusty and grimy! This is an inexpensive and professional service that I thoroughly recommend!
     Getting a domestic cleaner that you really trust is extremely difficult, and I have found it a struggle sometimes to leave the house knowing that there are a set of strangers in there. However, I can't really afford to only have my place cleaned whilst I am there, so I need a really great company with a proven track record. After a few months of using them, I can safely recommend EnfieldCarpetCleaning. They do a great job, always show up on time, and have been extremely respectful of my home.
     This is really the best cleaning company out there! EnfieldCarpetCleaning managed to do what lots of other cleaning companies have failed to do, and get my house to a clean standard that I find more than impressive! Most cleaning companies cut corners and leave jobs half-done, but the cleaners from this service were more than fantastic. They got the job done quickly and efficiently, and everything from my window frames to the base of my toilet was thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and spotless. Can't recommend this company enough if you want the best domestic cleaning company for your home!
     If you are too proud to think about hiring professionals to carry out your cleaning, think again. That was always my issue, but one day I gave in and called EnfieldCarpetCleaning. I know speak as one of the converted; they do such a fantastic job and make my life so much easier that I can't even bear the thought of the alternative if they weren't there. They are reliable, friendly and affordable, but most importantly the results they achieve will blow you away. They certainly did me, and I now have a lot more free time as a result of them handling my cleaning. Superb.
L. Mahoney03/12/2013

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